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Hello I’m Wunderkind

and I create…

Concepts or ideas. All my work is based on a strong concept: a steppingstone. But I like to put something extra to it such as a little twist or some fun.

What follows is a graphic design or illustration. Here’s when the idea actually meets the eye. And as you can see, I love colorplay and elements from pop culture. Let’s mix them together and there you have a beautiful collage.

Besides Wunderkind, I’m also Wouter Medaer, a graphic designer located in Hasselt. My freelance career started in November 2011. For 10 months, I’ve worked as a freelancer at Koen Geurts.NU in The Hague. In July 2012 I decided to go my own way, working for several clients such as: Dubo Limburg, Provincie Limburg, Gonzo (circus), … .

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